SIG Sauer P226

Introducing the SIG Sauer P226 9mm with a 4.4″ barrel—a pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance in the world of semi-automatic pistols. The P226 is a highly esteemed firearm known for its exceptional reliability, accuracy, and versatility, and this particular variant takes those attributes to new heights.

Built with a full-size frame, the P226 9mm offers a solid and durable construction, ensuring longevity and dependability. The 4.4″ barrel strikes a perfect balance between compactness and accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from personal defense to competitive shooting.

Featuring a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger system, the P226 offers shooters the flexibility to choose between a smooth and consistent double-action pull or a crisp and precise single-action trigger pull. This allows for optimal accuracy and control in any shooting scenario.


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